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TikTok is currently one of the most addictive and popular applications in the world on the AppStore, with over 600 million users, the majority of whom are young adults living in the United States or Europe. The principle of the application is basic: it allows you to record short 15-second videos on which users can dance and lip-sync.

Thanks to TikTok, users can also create small humorous sketches or sexy videos with stickers and filters. These possibilities have seduced users around the world.

However, some prefer to use the application to fulfill their fantasies. According to Motherboard, a community of users complains that some people use the application to request nudes.

Nudes on Tiktok

Nudes on TikTok

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The age group of TikTok users who are fans of nudes is mostly between 18 and 35 years old. It is therefore normal for some users to take advantage of the platform to exchange sexy nudes, knowing that the application was designed for sending instant videos.

If young people are having less sex than before, their porn consumption habits are also changing. The aesthetic of TikTok is crowning the fantasy of the innocent and gentle woman, and Generation Z is not afraid to pay to see more. The beautiful women of TikTok for fantasizing. As described in this article by MEL Magazine, the success of TikTok is largely due to the presence of beautiful women on the application. They engage in challenges and viral dances, with behaviors ranging from cute to very hot, and partly owe their success to the fact that they could be your next-door neighbor. According to 2019 PornHub statistics, the keyword "amateur" remains one of the most searched porn labels worldwide. The viewer wants real, authentic, and the women of TikTok fit into this fantasy. They are right there, in front of our eyes, as if we were peeking through the keyhole of their room... They respond to comments, giving viewers an undeniable sense of closeness. Even if they are provocatively and seductively dressed, it remains gently erotic... No porn allowed on TikTok...

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Sara on Tiktok

Pornography is prohibited on TikTok

Like on Instagram and most social networks, nudity and pornography are not allowed in TikTok's terms of use. But some users flirt with the algorithm's loopholes and manage to upload NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content, at least a few hours before moderation intervenes... Or they cleverly bypass the rules to show a little without being detected. TikTok stars who post suggestive content are of legal age. They are therefore confronted with eroticism bordering on explicitness after ticking the "I am over 18" box on Sexbadoo. But at a time when 90% of young people in France consider it "easy" to watch pornography, I'm not sure that this famous "+18" box is very useful. Is there only one step from TikTok to porn? Others, like TikTok star Bree Louise (whose account was recently deactivated, probably for inappropriate content), are leaving the platform altogether to turn to the adult industry. Just like this young Australian or KittenWithDabs, TikTokers offer adult content outside the app, on platforms like Sexbadoo. Their fans (mostly male?) are willing to pay the price to gain access. Subreddits like TikTokNSFW are also created on Reddit, showing the appetite of internet users for this new form of porn or nudes. They share their favorite sexy TikTok videos and willingly share nudes of their stars, stolen from paid platforms or shared willingly.

This enthusiasm for 2.0 pin-ups illustrates how young people consume porn... which could transform the face of the porn industry.

Nudes of Bree Louise

Nudes of Louise on TikTok

From porn studios to TikTok :

Because they provide a platform for everyone to express themselves, social networks have allowed independent camgirls to make a breakthrough, accompanying the young audience's enthusiasm for more realistic nude content.

In other words, the creation of pornography is shifting from traditional studios to home... The change that TikTok represents is also reflected in the enthusiasm for "real creations," as evidenced by the rise of alternative and amateur porn.

According to Alex Hawkins, the president of xHamster interviewed by MEL Magazine, Generation Z (those born from 1997 onwards) and young millennials are disproportionately willing to pay for their porn. Compared to the previous generation, which enjoyed free content from streaming centers, Gen Z is much more inclined to use their credit cards to watch porn, especially if the star of the video is also the person producing that content.

This marks a shift in porn consumption, as Alex Hawkins explains:

"There is a shift from studios to actresses/producers that is radically changing the porn industry."

On TikTok, this translates into a rise in natural nude content. We believe that consumers are much more likely to pay for content created by the women themselves than for traditional porn, because it gives a sense of intimacy." Will porn undergo a radical transformation? This realism will not be a luxury in an industry that often presents a disconnected view of sex from reality. This should have a particularly positive impact on the ethics of the industry, which has not shone so far with its consideration for actresses (euphemism).

Not to mention the pirated content that abounds on platforms and therefore doesn't generate anything for entertainers, except, in the best case, a little fame... By paying content creators directly, consumers enable them to preserve their independence and be properly remunerated.

Tired of the polished staging of Instagram, Generation Z wants something real, authentic. They seek content that reflects their lives and with which they can identify. It's not surprising, therefore, that this is reflected in their way of consuming porn.

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