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How to Easily Use Tinder to Match with Women :

Tinder is well-known as an excellent app for quick dates, serious relationships, or casual hookups. But is it as simple as it seems to have a hookup with Tinder? In this article, I will guide you through different steps:

- How Tinder works

- How to get matches and dates on Tinder

- How to use Tinder to find casual hookups

By the end of this article, you will know the best approach to take when searching for casual hookups on Tinder.

Let's get started!

Sexy brunette woman wants a Tinder sex plan

Sexy brunette woman wants a Tinder sex plan

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What is Tinder?

In general, Tinder is a dating app where people from around the world can find their partner. Tinder stands out from the competition due to its simplicity, user-friendly design, and the power of its matching algorithm.

Furthermore, Tinder is known for catering to a wide range of users (from quick flings to soulmates), while apps like eHarmony are more geared towards those seeking serious relationships. According to a 2017 study, about 80% of people using Tinder are millennials, and its popularity has been growing across nearly all age groups, but it is particularly popular among the younger population. According to a recent survey, nearly 80% of guys and girls on Tinder are between 18 and 24 years old.

It's versatile, easy to master, and highly effective!

Big-breasted woman for sex plans on Tinder

Is Tinder for sex or relationships? Both, really!

Tinder is like a massive store where you can find what you want, as long as you know what you want.

If you're looking for something stable, you'll find it, but if you're simply looking for a hookup, you'll find that too! It all depends on your approach, your own luck, and the number of matches.

arab girl Tinder

How does Tinder work?

I mentioned the part about luck, didn't I? Well, your chances of having sexual encounters on Tinder don't solely depend on luck but also on your overall approach, your needs, and the number of matches.

Let me elaborate.

Tinder requires you to create an account, enter your basic information, interests, photos, and bio (more on this later), but what really matters here is your geolocation. Your location is used by Tinder to find you a match, and your geolocation must be active as long as you're using Tinder because you'll be immediately presented with profiles of women closest to you geographically...

You can, of course, adjust the distance in the Tinder search algorithm as you please. So, Tinder will find a number of women around you, and then you'll have to choose one or more for potential contact.

How to match on Tinder?

By swiping!

Swiping is how you show whether you're interested or not in a particular woman's profile. If you swipe left (tap on her main photo and swipe it to the left), you'll show that you're not interested. If you swipe right, you'll show that you're interested in her.

Simple, right? It is indeed simple, but also very safe for women online.

It's a sad truth that there are men who have questionable intentions when it comes to dating or talking to women in general. Offenders come in all shapes and sizes.

That's why you can only talk to a girl if she also swiped you right. You know you've been swiped right if you swipe a girl and receive a message from the app saying you have a match!

If that happens, you can proceed with messaging and see what happens! If not, keep swiping. Tinder is a numbers game, and if you're persistent enough and use the app for a long time, you'll find very hot and steamy sex on Tinder!

Why do most guys fail on Tinder?
There are many men looking for hookups on Tinder, but most of them simply never understood how the app works.

There are several reasons for this.

Some of them simply have too many red flags (any of you who treat women as just another notch on your belt, you should be ashamed!), while others just have bad luck.

I've had the chance to talk to many guys in the latter group, and I've come to the conclusion that they all made pretty much the same mistake:

Femme à gros seins pour plans sexe sur Tinder

Naughty woman looking for sex on Tinder

Their conversations were too long and serious.

They had very, very few Tinder matches.

They might get lucky to go on a date but not lucky enough to seal the deal.

I took a look at their profiles, and I immediately saw the reason: their profiles were designed to attract more serious women, not the casual flings they were aiming for. They sent completely wrong messages and created a totally fake atmosphere, ruining any possibility of sealing the deal.

In the next part of the text, I'll explain how to create/modify your profile correctly so you can get a large number of matches and increase your chances of finding sex on Tinder!

Attracting matches on your Tinder profile:
When it comes to dating and life in general, there's an inevitable truth we must acknowledge: Men have always struggled to understand women.

While this can be true for anyone regardless of gender, traditionally, men don't fully understand women. However, we have managed to understand certain parts of their impeccable minds, and these parts are also related to their views on sex.

So let me solve the puzzle of all your mysteries: Women enjoy sex as much as men! If you've ever had doubts about this, feel free to stop questioning it.

Statistically speaking, men are more likely to seek casual sexual encounters than women. SimpleTexting conducted a survey where 9.2% of men reported having had sex through Tinder or a Tinder sex date at least once, while 8.5% of women said the same. This is not really surprising considering how men use this app more. In a 2018 study, Tinder was used by 10% more men than women.

However, even though women are less likely to seek casual encounters, it certainly doesn't mean they never do! They absolutely do, but unlike men, they have slightly higher standards.

The only thing that matters here is this: if you don't pretend to be something you're not, there's a good chance she'll want more than just a coffee!

These are the situations where you really need to be yourself. Are you a ladies' man? Great! Be a ladies' man, let her know you're a charming playboy looking for fun, and make it clear! She may not want a relationship with you, but she'll definitely want to share an exciting evening with you. And that's why you're here, right? Be as friendly and kind as you want, but explain your intentions clearly. Women hate fake people, and don't forget that!

How to use Tinder for sex?

Let's assume you're on Tinder just to have a good time. You want to use Tinder solely for sex, and you're ready and willing to explore the tumultuous waters of online dating.

But it's not as easy as people expect it to be. You see, online dating has its own rules and pace, and you'll need to take these rules into account if you wantto score those Tinder sex dates. In this regard, let me share some additional words of wisdom.

Women love bad boys, women love nice guys. A bit contradictory, isn't it? Well, not exactly.

You see, women will certainly be attracted to bad boys and their cunning charms, but they wouldn't want anything serious with them.

And yet, what about the bad boys who attract women so much? Confidence.

Confidence is the magic ingredient of attraction in general, and bad boys usually have it in abundance.

But there's another trait that women appreciate just as much as confidence, and that trait is reliability. The classic stereotype of a bad boy can be described as an extremely confident yet highly unreliable man. That's why women willingly have a casual fling with them but never anything more serious. The stereotype of the nice guy is the opposite: absolutely reliable but totally uncertain.

Reliability can be attractive, but insecurity can totally ruin the mood, so women often opt for something more serious and therefore more satisfying in the long run. But these are just stereotypes, and reality works a bit differently. There are very nice bad boys just as much as there are very, very weird and cruel nice guys!

So when you're looking for a hot Tinder hookup, you need to balance these two traits. You need to be both confident and reliable—a bad boy with a good guy soul. Show how confident you are, but don't be pushy or too self-centered. Confident men are sexy because they know they can take charge and aren't afraid to do so when the situation calls for it.

If a woman sees that you can handle any situation, she'll be confident that you can take care of her as she needs you to. But confidence and aggressiveness can only take you so far.

Be aggressive, but temper your aggressiveness with reliability. Balancing these two traits is the key to a successful match on Tinder!

You already know the basic mechanics of the app itself, which means we're ready to play the game! 😉

naughty girl for hookup on tinder

How to hookup on Tinder

Building your Tinder profile

When it comes to using Tinder for sex (and using Tinder in general, that is), you first need to create an account. There are two ways to do it.
The most efficient way is usually to use your Facebook account to log into Tinder.

That's how most people connect to Tinder because it allows them to easily use their Facebook account photos, provide more data about themselves to attract more serious matches, and so on... And to prove it, there's research showing that Tinder was the app most frequently connected via Facebook, surpassing Candy Crush and Spotify!

The other way is simply to download the app, log in using your mobile phone, and later connect your Instagram or Facebook account.

Un plan cul sur Tinder

Choose appropriate pictures

The next step in creating your profile is choosing the right photos. This part is a bit tricky, and a majority of guys make mistakes, thus sending the wrong message and gaining very few matches. You need to choose photos that show how attractive and interesting you are, but they should be natural and not over-the-top.
Additionally, they should indicate that you're here to find a Tinder hookup, not a serious relationship.

Your profile picture should be of you alone, preferably not looking at the camera. Selfies can work if they're cool enough, but try not to rely on them too much. Take a picture of yourself in a suit, at a formal meeting, or chatting with a large group of people. Women love men in suits, and this photo will definitely get you a lot of matches.

Another great photo is one where you're accompanied by an animal. Pet photos are a goldmine for attracting potential matches. Whether they're looking for something serious or a sexy hookup with Tinder, women can't help but positively adore a handsome man holding a cute puppy or kitten! Bonus points for both! 😍

Having a photo of you enjoying an outdoor activity is also an incredible way to attract the type of audience you're seeking. These photos show your sense of adventure and that you're not afraid to take some risks (in case you're into extreme sports).

Women love men who have enough confidence to engage in these activities, and that bad boy attitude and charm are exactly what you should aim for when it comes to Tinder sex.

Additionally, outdoor/adventure photos are a great way to showcase your good taste.

Women love men with a well-defined and toned physique, but what they don't like is when you shamelessly try to put your body in the foreground. If you post a bunch of selfies from the gym where you're only showing off your abs, most women who come across your profile won't swipe you right. They'll think you're too narcissistic to be a worthy date.

However, if you post photos where your muscular arms are seen in all their glory (like, for example, while rock climbing), you'll be swiped right by more women than you know what to do with.

Photos of you on vacation with friends and family (ideally Christmas and/or Easter) are also photos you want to have. They serve to show that you have a social life and friends, and that you're not a creepy recluse pretending to be a "fuckable" guy.

Adding a photo where you look and/or do something funny is also a great idea because everyone loves a guy who can make them laugh! How many times have you heard women in a bar or park talking to their friends and mentioning how funny the guy they went on a date with was? I'm not kidding, humor can take you a long way!

Also, a few additional quick points:

Costume photos are awesome, but include one or two photos of you in a leather jacket for added masculinity 🔥

Dark clothes for a "dark and mysterious" vibe 😈

Show off your tattoos (but in a cool way, remember the adventure photos!).

What to avoid when choosing photos:

When choosing images, make sure they are clear, of good quality, and well-lit. Dark photos are always a bad choice unless something super cool is happening in them, but even in that case, they're at best passable.

Don't choose a selfie as your first photo! I've already mentioned that selfies are a bad choice, especially as the first photo. They can often send the wrong message and make you look like a man who tries too hard and not like the guy you are. Make sure your photos are as spontaneous as possible!

Obscuring your face: This is a BIG NO! You want your face to be clearly visible. You may look like a tough guy on your bike, but women aren't looking at your profile to see your bike—they're looking at you. No helmets, masks, or big dark sunglasses—don't hide your face!

Now that the photo part is more or less done, let's see what else we can do to increase your chances of having sex on Tinder!

Finding available hookups on Tinder

Big ass for hookup on tinder

Big ass selfie

Your Tinder Profile Bio

Okay, the photo album part is almost done. Okay, the photo album part is almost done.
Now let's see how you can use your profile bio to tastefully show that you're looking for sex on Tinder.

The Tinder bio is, well, a place where you can write a few details about yourself. Its space is limited, so you'll need to prioritize quality over quantity and not write too much.

A properly written Tinder bio can add a lot of points on the attraction scale for any girl,so here's what you need to do to create a perfect Tinder bio:

Be concise : When women are on Tinder, they're too busy looking for an interesting and intriguing guy based on his photos alone. They don't really have the time or patience to read your epic bio novel, especially the more attractive girls.
Be brief, keep it simple—quality matters more than quantity, remember?

Be unique: There are about two or three times more men than women on Tinder, which means your competition is fierce. Avoid generic and cliché lines and go for something more original. Capture her attention and make her want to get to know you!
Capturing her attention is great, but making her experience a genuine emotion is incredible! If you can pique her curiosity and demonstrate your skills in the bedroom, you're basically set!

Trouver des culs disponibles sur Tinder

Try to condense everything you want to write in your bio into three to four sentences. Craft your bio to be somewhat in line with your photo album and in your own unique writing style. That should easily grab your match's attention.

The emotional part I mentioned is a bit trickier. When aiming for emotions, you need to tailor your bio to intrigue and spark interest. This means your bio should be as interesting as possible but also charming, playful, and of course, seductive.

You're here to seduce, after all! Experiment with different bio styles and see what happens. Not all women are attracted to the same things, and not all of them will find your bio interesting, but the free-spirited girls you're targeting certainly will. I strongly advise against being too direct, though!

Not only does that go against my advice, but it will also show that you're too needy and difficult to handle—women do their best to avoid that kind of guy...

Remember to follow the instructions!

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